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 Since 2015 we have worked extremely hard to develop the best program for new tiny home owners like you...


The goal of each tiny house we build is to create a beautiful place for people to live their life to it's fullest potential. 

We believe that quality comes first; That we all deserve to be surrounded by the best life has to offer. 

Each person must take the time to surround themselves with things they love.

The presence of each item, emotion or experience in our lives has been cultivated directly or indirectly by us. 

We choose what stays and what goes. 

We choose how we want to live and when we do it right we get joy, love, relaxation and all the best of life.

Thank you for visiting this website, we hope it inspires you on your tiny home journey! 

Are You Wondering If A Tiny House Will Work For You? 

We have helped single mothers looking to raise their kids in a safe affordable home.

Retirement Aged Baby Boomers who want a comfortable space and a main floor bedroom.

Newly Weds ready to start their lives with low or no debt.

Single people who just want a nice small space to enjoy.

And, people who are simply tired of their regular house with high expense and constant maintenance. 

Check Out This Clients Story...

Hi, I'm Stephanie Kubes and this is The Willow Tree...

I decided to go tiny because somebody told me I have to triple my income to get a regular mortgage. I'm a single mom by myself so that just wasn't feasible and so I was determined and this was just an alternative route that I discovered and it has been my dream.
I live here in The Willow Tree with my daughter, she's five years old. I designed the house to really take into consideration the fact that I have a young daughter and that I have two cats and a dog. I designed this house in conjunction and collaboration with Midwest Tiny Living.

"we wish you the best of luck on your tiny journey"

We worked with Stephanie to build a partial home. A bit more than a shell but not complete. Check out her story...

It's Time 
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